"Real Solutions To FIX

The Problems In Your Life"

Easy, Powerful Methods To Get UN-STUCK From Life Traps, And FINALLY Be HAPPY!!!


G'Day, Mates!

Daka Smythe here to WELCOME YOU to Fix-YOUR-Life!

You know, most of us are not taught simple, easy life skills about how to get “un-stuck” from common Life Traps.  Far too many people end up living in sadness and even despair for no good reason!

Many of those people turn to drugs (either prescription or illegal) to feel better, when what most people really need are some simple, easy, yet powerful techniques to get them "UN-Stuck" from the emotional or psychological trap that they are in. 

Making these techniques more available and well-known is what

Fix YOUR Life! is dedicated to accomplishing


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My FREE report titled:                          Switch ON Happy! 


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My eBook titled:

7 Life Traps of Highly Unhappy People, and 7 Ridiculously Simple

Keys to Your Escape!

This stuff is both easy and powerful

A bit about myself:

No, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  I've worked as an engineer my entire life. 

 If you're not familiar with engineering, what we do is create solutions to problems.  We figure out what's wrong with something, or we figure out how to create something new, and then we figure out the individual 'baby steps' to take to "make it so" (thank you Captain Picard!).  

Like so many teenagers, when I was young I was extremely sad, all the time, and even suffered from a serious depression.  And then later in life I suffered a series of tragedies that resulted in a diagnosis years later of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). So, you can understand that I do have a lot of personal experience with serious sadness and depression!

When I was that miserable teenager, thankfully I decided not to give up and stay an unhappy victim.  Instead, I decided to apply both my creative and problem-solving skills to fixing what was wrong with my life.  I've continued this work, ever since.

And I've also offered these techniques to friends, family, and many others over the years.  I've seen that they can work for just about everyone! 


I congratulate you on taking action to Fix YOUR Life, and finally be filled with Happiness and Joy, most every day!  

Wishing you all of the Happiness, Joy, and Success you could ever desire,

Daka Smythe

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